Ghost Workers Compensation Insurance

This workers compensation policy is used for a back drop against subcontractors when their employees get injured.  This workers compensation insurance policy excludes the owner and has no payroll for employees so there is no real coverage for workers comp.  However it does show up on the Acord 25 certificate as workers compensation insurance.

Payroll/Pay As You Go

Payroll based workers compensation insurance is very common.  A professional employer organization will provide workers comp under its umbrella policy for employees of a third party company.  The contract is actually called co-employment.  This is common in states like Florida and others.

Workers Compensation

If you need actual workers compensation insurance we also write that.  Many times you will start in one program and move around as your construction business grows and changes.  We offer solutions for any business, experience modifier, and age.  No prior coverage?  That is ok with us.


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